About Inside Trade

Inside Trade was created by a group of friends shortly after The Elder Scrolls Online was released. Although at the time we thought of it as a way to sell items to each other, huge trade guilds quickly became the best way to sell, making Inside Trade be forgotten for nearly a year. As members left the game, the abandoned guild became a 'personal' bank for a few members, and after a while, not even that.

But as the few remaining active members played, they realised it was important to have a reliable trading guild, one where leaders wouldn't leave, where things were taken care of.

There are many trading guilds out there, but we knew none.

So we ressurected Inside Trade. The name was good, the project was interrupted but it was possible to start again. Get new blood, make it huge, make it the Inside Trade we see today, with a friendly community, lots of active players and a realiable store to buy and sell from.

Inside Trade aims to be the best Trading Guild. Not because we invest millions in a Craglorn guild merchant, but because we're here to stay, The Elder Scrolls Online, is not just the flavour of the month for us, it's our second home, it's were we live when we're in our free time.

With over 10 years experience leading guilds, we know what we're doing and we do it right. Inside Trade is your new home.


My name is Raluca, aka Idrisa, and I'm from Transylvania and also an in-game vampire, which makes it even funnier. Currently, I live in the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal, where I work as a programmer. I enjoy spending my free time playing video games, I love RPGs and right now I'm dedicating a large portion of my time to the awesome MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online. I love talking about gaming and look forward to chat with you all!


My name is Pedro, aka Godmode, and I'm from Portugal. Although I survive as a programmer, I kill as a gamer. For over a year now I dedicate myself to The Elder Scrolls Online, a game where I never run out of options, although Cyrodiil would be enough for all my needs. PvP is my undisputed champion in any game I've played, and I hope to join arms with or against you all!

Send us an email at [email protected] or in-game at @Idrisa / @Glycer.