Trading 101 Masterclass: Tips for those under CP160

Grab yourself a coffee and get your pens and paper at the ready! With a short guide designed to maximise your sales potential, even at the lower levels, IT leadership want to be able to say, "Hey, we gave you amazing guys and girls the tools to succeed." 

With the introduction of minimum sales totals to secure your guild place in Inside Trade 2 (10k minimum weekly) and Inside Trade 3 (5k minimum weekly), IT leadership is finding themselves inundated with a daily barrage of questions. What do I sell? How do I make money? The things I'm posting aren't selling, why aren't they selling? The following tips and tricks are surefire ways to meet your sales targets without having to be max level or into the later stages of content and crafting.


Literally, fishing is one of THE most under-utilised skills in the game. Grab yourself a coffee, load up a podcast/stream/whatever is hip these days and set yourself to fishing yourself a stack of these slippery gold makers. Each fish sells for roughly a minimum of 90G each. EACH!!!!! You do the maths, selling a stack of 100 fish will net you roughly 9000G. BOOM! Sales target met for the week in Inside Trade 3. Thank you very much Vixen! You're welcome <3 can try your luck, sit there and fillet those fish and keep your fingers crossed for a couple of Perfect Roe. Perfect Roe is used as the legendary crafting additive for Provisioning. These can help to create the necessary recipes for completion of master writs for those players at higher levels of the crafting tier. They're a sure fire seller, and each one is currently worth a MINIMUM of 11500G. Sales Target met for both Inside Trade 1 and Inside Trade 2.


Never underestimate the potential of gold making for gathering crafting materials. Some people either dont have the time to gather the materials themselves, or they're just too lazy :D Again, the gold crafting additives, such as Blacksmithing Tempers, the Runecrafting Kutas, Woodworking Rosin and the Clothier Tannins all sell for a good few thousand each. So if you dont want to sell a stack of raw materials for quick easy money, then refine them and keep your fingers crossed for the tempers that have a chance to drop. You can allocate skillpoints into each crafting proffession to improve your chances of the legendary additives dropping while refining, but thats a personal choice that you need to make for yourself :D
Gathering herbs and flowers is INSANELY good money, especially if you're just starting out on the starter zones. The starter islands are some of the best places to farm all crafting materials as they seem to be the most abundant in these places. Some herbs, such as cornflowers, mountain flowers and lady's smock can go for as much as 300G each. 20 of those herbs collected while questing will net you 6000G. Do remember prices will fluctuate based on player demand, so it's always best to check the guild store for up to date prices or utilise one of the addons mentioned below for up to date price lists.


Everybody needs motifs & recipes. There will always  be a demand for them. Green recipes are more common and worth less than the blue and purple ones. These are usually found in containers all over the world, so get your best thieving hat on and hit those inns and homes next time you're in town. They can also be pickpocketed from various NPCs. Some of the most coveted recipes are the throne recipes which are a super rare drop from pickpocketing nobles and people will pay into the hundreds of thousands to get their hands on one.

Farming Runs

Take a leap and jump into one of our farming runs that we host as a guild. The only condition of participation is that if a motif drops and you already know it, then it should be listed on the guild store. These runs are held for your benefit, to help you reach your sales targets, and to help the guild grow together. 


Don't underestimate this area for its potential. You can enter Cyrodil from level 10 by pressing "L" on your keyboard, but pick your campaign wisely. Under lvl 50 seems to be the quietest and you can take advantage of the treasure maps there. Pick yourself some Cyrodil Treasure Maps up from the Guild Store and head over to dig up the treasure. There's a fairly good chance of grabbing yourself the motif from your chosen alliance armour set. Sometimes at the cost of only a few hundred gold. :)

In Game Events

ESO holds an enormous number of player focused events, such as the DLC anniversary events, or the current ESO anniversary event that sees you rewarded with gift boxes for completing Dailies. Once you've completed your own achievement sets for the events, continue to run the quests and save any additional motifs or items in your bank. Also pick up the surplus items from guild stores when the prices crash and stock your bank up with them. In a few months time you can resell for vastly increased prices. With the DLC anniversary events you tend to find yourself offered double harvesting rewards and drops in areas such as Orsinium, Gold Coast, Hews Bane etc. Commit at least an hour to farming these areas when the server is less populated if you can. Early morning and late night seem to be the best times. 

Coldharbour Furniture Vendor

Every weekend in The Hollow City, a vendor spawns in the general store that sells rare furniture. These are available for a limited time only, and if you're willing to put the money down to purchase a few items of each, you can potentially earn double your money back through selling on the guild store. These aren't instant sales but when they sell, its worth it :D

Crafting Dailies

On completion of your crafting dailies theres a chance to earn yourself a crafting writ that awards vouchers on completion. Each writ varies in the amount it provides. IF you're REALLY lucky, (tords I'm looking at you), you may find yourself with a writ worth 160 vouchers. Now, you have two options. You can create the item, turn it in and earn the vouchers for yourself, which gives you the opportunity to purchase motifs/items from the mastercraft vendor which you can resell on guild store OR you can sell the writ on the guild store. Writs generally tend to be worth 700-900 gold per voucher, so a writ worth 160 vouchers would sell for 112000 to 144000. As you can see, its a pretty lucrative market if you get lucky.


Addon's will help you with prices of items, these can also be found on Minion: found here 

Master Merchant - found here 

Arkadius' Trade Tools - found here 

Tamriel Trade Centre - found here 

Note: Use MM or ATT not both, TTC can be used with them though.

For Your Auction house UI seriously think about using "Awesome Guild Store". For me, it was a lifechanging Auction house improvement. You can download it here or through Minion

If you're going to be serious about farming raw materials then I HIGHLY recommend the following addons:
Harvest Map : Found here which keeps track of all harvested materials

Lost Treasure: Found Here which records all chests that you've found in the open world and in Delves/dungeons

Votans Fisherman: Found here This addon stores the type of a fishing hole once a specific fish or bait was caught. Pins with a corresponding                                       color are added to the map.

Bait informer: Found here which is a super straightforward addon thats adds a line to tell you exactly what areas the fishing bait is used for.


Hopefully this short guide has helped a few of you out, and given you a few ideas on how to earn your basic sales plus WAY more. Again, any further questions, feel free to ask me either in guild or comment below and I'll answer as soon as I can. 

Much love all and Happy Trading!
Vixen <3



Hemigidius_uk said:

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Love it

crunchinger said:

(about 1 year ago)

very interesting even for my CL 527 sorry ass ;) thank you

@simonpeyote said:

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One thing i'd like to mention, especially with crafting writs is that if you can do it on 1 character you can do it on 15 :)


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