A Quick Guide to Trading

This tutorial is aimed to help you learn about how to make the most out of trading with us or to show a few more tricks to allow you to make more gold. 


The very basics to making the most out of your trading with us: 

  • Make sure that you are using all 30 of your sales slots, as soon as an item sells make sure you replace it with something else to sell 
  • Make sure your pricing your items cheap enough to sell. If it hasn't sold for a while check the price and re-list it cheaper if required otherwise you are wasting a sales slot
  • Keep an eye on which items are selling for high prices and in demand, it could be crafting materials, motifs, item set pieces. We have members regularly farming locations and they are always happy for you to join them
  • Check which items we are running low on or have none of on the guild store and list them, certain Motifs and Runeboxes for example always sell quickly and become hard to find items. You can check our guild store at any bank, you don't even have to visit our trader
  • Please always use our guild store to sell your items, it makes a very big difference to the stability of the guild and trader bids when sales go through our store, the sales tax although not a great amount really helps support us.


To begin with two addons are highly recommended:

  • Master Merchant (download here or minion)
  • Awesome Guild Store (download here or minion)

Master Merchant collects the sales from your guilds and will display a history and a recommended price of what you should sell items for. Please remember that each player is a member of different guilds so everyone will have different sales information, so if you have an item that doesn't show you any price information, link the item in the guild chat and ask for a price check - someone will have the information or can suggest a price. We are a trading guild and are happy to help all of our members sell as much as possible, we expect price checks :) Master Merchant will also allow to to track your sales and see what items are selling across all of your guilds. 

You can check different sales times with Master Merchant to see trends in pricing, whether it is increasing or decreasing. The different time scales can be seen by holding CTRL, SHIFT or CTRL + SHIFT. You can adjust these time scales in the settings to suit what you see

Another useful setting hidden in Master Merchant is "Level/Quality Selectors" this will add icons on the side of the item popup window allow you to see prices for different levels and qualities of the same item.

If you don't have a price on the green sword, you might have a price on the blue version which will help give you an idea of price or even whether you should upgrade the item before selling it to make even more profit. You will also see on the image below pricing suggestions from TTC (Tamriel Trade Centre), which I will cover later in this guide.

Next we have Awesome Guild Store which adds a lot more search features to your guild store searches. One great way to use this to make extra gold is to travel to each and every guild trader hunting for under priced items to purchase and resell for a higher but still attractive price. 

As you can see above the deal range filter can be changed for the results to show you the bargains within that store. This does take some time to travel around each and every trader but you will find some true bargains if you do it, especially in the out of town traders and less visited ones. Always check the quantity of sales of the bargains before you buy them to make sure they will actually sell when you relist them, Items with low sales recently may be cheap for a reason!

Tamriel Trade Centre

Tamriel Trade Centre is an addon/website that stores all of the current listings in guild stores. The website (here) allows visitors to search for specific items that they are searching for and will show them the price and at which guild trader it is listed. This is a very popular site and the more it grows the more it will benefit the guilds that use it. This means that the trader location will not stop sales of items that are in demand and priced well as players know where to come to find the item they are hunting rather than checking every single guild store hoping to find it listed. Also the addon will also show pricing similar to Master Merchant but is based on Listing price rather than completed sales prices, this can be used to make sure you are undercutting anyone else selling that item. 

All Inside Trade listings are uploaded to this site each day and it has already brought a lot of buyers to us.

I hope that this guide has helped you and shown you some useful ways to improve or increase your trading activity, this benefits both you and the guild dramatically.

We have some amazing traders in our great community so feel free to ask any questions you have in the guild chat or on the forums, if anyone can answer or help they will :)

Happy Trading




Sillindistani said:

(over 2 years ago)

Great guide, thx :)

Antarat said:

(over 2 years ago)

Nice 👍🏼 ty !

Merrian said:

(about 2 years ago)

I didn't know about the Level/Quality Selectors in Master Merchant or about TTC. Nice guide, thank you!

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