Playing ESO in 4K resolution on a 1080p monitor.


In this guide i will explain how to play games in 4k res on 1080p monitors.

When i bought my 1080p and played eso on it,i thought this game couldnt look any better.(for a 1080p monitor).

But i was wrong,with this method its not literally 4k but difference is huge.Especially anti-aliasing wise. No more rough edges.

Btw this method is for GeForce GPU but i ve added a video link for AMD cards as well.

First we need GeForce Experience program. You can use this program to optimize your games and enable custom resolutions for them.

After it scanned your games

click on eso>details

when you reach this screen you can either optimize your game for the best performance or you can create your custom settings.

in this screen click resolution and you will see all available resolutions here. 4k is best here but choose whatever suits you best.

Apply and exit.

We are not done yet.

When you go back to the game you may see resolution option is disabled, in this case just change your display mode to fullscreen and then you will be able to change the resolution,you can also go back to windowed fullscreen after that with your new resolution

Here are some comparisons. It may not be clearly visible on screenshots but it surely is in game. (zoom in for more details)





Fps difference is roughly 20 in most cases.

For AMD users i ve found this link hope this works.

Good day insiders hope this guide will help you to have a better eso experience.



Pabston said:

(about 2 years ago)

Awesome guide! Thank you very much. Looks amazing now

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